Care of Kanken backpacks

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Why are Swedish backpacks so durable?

Fjallraven backpacks are made of top quality materials. These Swedish backpacks do not need much care to keep them as new. The treatment that the manufacturer Fjallraven applies to the fabric of Kanken backpacks creates a material that is resistant to splashes and wear and tear. For this reason, in order to respect this treatment that the backpack brings, the washing process has to be delicate. As we will see later, warm water and a soft brush will suffice.

The manufacturer’s care instructions give you the assurance that your backpacks won’t lose color or beauty when cleaned or washed, and give you the guarantee of a strong, good quality product. This is achieved thanks to the manufacturer that makes sure to give the best recommendations for their care.

How to Re-impregnate your Kanken backpack?

Kanken Classic, a water-repellent backpack

The Kanken Classic backpack is not a 100% waterproof backpack, but it does have some power to repel water. It is made of a special canvas containing a material called Vinalon. This gives it very resistant properties and suitable to boast of backpack even if the weather is not favorable. In addition to this material, the kanken classic comes with a double protective wax film, so it is important not to wear it with a strong wash. Over time, you may lose some waxing, so you’ll need to rewax it to keep the backpack in excellent condition.

Kanken No2, the waterproof backpack

This backpack goes a step further in the concept of resistant and waterproof backpacks. Initially designed as school backpacks, they gained fame as women’s backpacks but are being used by all audiences thanks to their ultra-resistant properties. Kanken Backpack No. 2 is made from G-1000 fabric, a material patented by the Fjällräven brand that has previously undergone a double waxing process at the factory that makes it water resistant. However, the normal use of your rucksack can cause it to lose some of its wax layer over time, but that’s no problem. It can be re-impregnated with wax, just like the Classic.

Kanken Laptop, keep your laptop safe

This is another of Fjällräven’s star backpacks in terms of strength and waterproofing. Its fabric is also Vinalon and with double layer of wax, which makes it keep your waterproof laptop backpack insulated so the laptop from the rain. It also comes with laptop protectors on the inside, so you can worry about it breaking or getting wet.

To apply the wax to our Kanken backpack models the best way is to do it by zones, we only have to rub the backpack with the wax bar and then apply heat with a hair dryer all over the surface so that the wax is well impregnated in the fabric. When you finish one sector, move on to the next, so you will avoid confusing and repeating areas. Waterproofing wax, like the other products we recommend, can be purchased at Amazon through this link. Together with Fjallraven’s waterproofing wax, I recommend that you use the special bag for its conservation, as it is necessary that the wax tablet is not moistened during its conservation, if this were to happen it would lose all its properties. You can buy the wax bag here.

How do you clean a Kanken backpack?

The procedure for cleaning the Kanken backpack is simple: you should have a toothbrush if it is a small stain, and a bowl of warm water in hand, plus two tablespoons of mild dishwasher or a splash of Johnson Shampoo. You should not throw too much soap because as we will not clarify it, if you use too much soap will be the marks. You should start rubbing the brush gently with warm water in the backpack, without submerging it.

Then dissolve the dishwashing soap, shampoo or liquid soap, which you are going to use, in warm water and start rubbing the backpack hard, emphasizing the dirtiest parts. You must apply force to remove all dirt from the backpack. It is important that the brush is not too hard so that there are no marks on the surface.

With the soft brush, remove all the soap from the rucksack, without submerging it inside the container. Remove the soap until it is clean, then place it to dry in the air, in the shade. Remember to rub hard, especially the bottom of the backpack, and if it is light colored, make sure to remove the dirt.

How to wash backpacks Fjallraven Kanken?

The manufacturer’s instructions state that the backpack should not be washed in a washing machine, but manually. You should have a large container of warm water, liquid soap, Johnson shampoo or mild dishwasher, and a soft brush, other than a stiff-bristled one.

Completely submerge the rucksack in the container with warm water and the soap or shampoo you have at home, and finish brushing all its parts, both the dirtiest and the base of the same that is very in contact with surfaces that can dirty.

When you finish rinsing the backpack well, this rinsing process will leave no soap marks. Then you can hang it to let it dry and when it is dry apply a layer of wax as indicated above so that it is completely perfect and maintaining its 100% resistance.

You must not wash the kanken backpack in the washing machine.

Remember that the manufacturer does not recommend washing the Kanken backpack in the washing machine, because its materials are not suitable for this, and the fabrics can be exposed or mistreated if you use a washing machine. That’s why we recommend that you do the cleaning or washing manually.

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