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How to recognize an original Kånken backpack?

Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, as we already know, are of extraordinary quality and durability, as well as having a striking and modern appearance. That is why some imitation Kånken backpacks have appeared on the market, which are intended to be sold as the real thing. These fraudulent products are often manufactured in China, so you should pay special attention when making your purchase in places like DHGate, or Aliexpress, there is a greater likelihood that you will be offered a Kånken Classic backpack or a Kånken Mini backpack imitation.

How to detect a fake Kanken backpack?

The first thing you need to be aware of is the price; although an original Kånken backpack has a very good quality/price ratio, and they are really affordable. It is almost certain that a fake Kånken is overpriced. So don’t take the bait when you see «offers on Kånken backpacks», or «cheap Kånken Mini backpacks».

Exterior details of your Kanken backpack

Diferencias entre una mochila Kanken de imitación y una original
  • The overall appearance of an original Kånken backpack gives an impression of quality: a backpack made to last. Note that all seams are continuous, with no loose threads that could be unsewn. An imitation usually shows those details.
  • The textile material of Kånken backpacks is of high quality: resistant and waterproof synthetic fabric. The imitations use a plastic laminate with a texture that imitates the fabric; it is a material that deteriorates in a short time.
  • The front label with the emblem and logo has the words «FJÄLLRÄVEN KÅNKEN» printed in red on beige. Notice the spelling of the letters «A» in «FJÄLLRÄVEN»: they have two small dots (called umlauts) above them. In the word «KÅNKEN» the letter «A» has a small circle above it (called a ring). The emblem is slightly reflective and the print is very sharp.
  • Look at the brooches and zippers. The brooches are embossed with the figure of the fox in the emblem, and they are all oriented in the same direction. In addition, on the other side there is an engraved inscription «WASA 6» corresponding to the factory of the brooches. The zippers are neatly sewn and each has the fox’s emblem engraved and the mark «FJÄLLRÄVEN» separated into the words «FJÄLL» and «RÄVEN».
  • The straps of the original Kånken are wide and spaced, unlike the imitations, which are usually thin and more compact.
  • Note that the hanging labels of your original Kånken have a colour print of the Swedish coat of arms on the front at the bottom. In imitations it is usually monochromatic. A white label with a barcode and an indication of the model and colour of the rucksack must be attached to the back. False Kånken often omit this.

Interior details of Kanken backpacks

Inside the original Kånken backpack there are three details that stand out:

  • A label sewn on one end, on the left side of the inside pocket. It has instructions on how to clean the backpack, and indicates in several languages the material of which it is made (Polyvinyl Alcohol). The label is made of fabric.
  • Another rectangular label, higher than wide. It is sewn around the centre of the inner pocket, indicating that Kånken were launched in 1978 to prevent back problems in Swedish schoolchildren. Below, the label allows the owner’s personal data to be placed.
  • There is also a foam protector inside the inner pocket. Imitations usually do not have it.

Pay attention to the original details, so that you can fully enjoy your authentic Kånken backpack.

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