The best-selling organic backpacks are from Fjallraven Kanken

Fjallraven Kanken ReKanken

The fashionable recycled backpack

The Swedish manufacturer Fjallraven, brings us a special edition of its two models of star backpack. The special edition is somewhat surprising as the new backpack of the Kanken range is a recycled backpack, made from 11 recycled plastic bottles.
If you want to conserve the environment, you can not miss the opportunity to buy the ecological backpack brand Fjallraven Kanken.
This edition of the ecological backpack differs from the usual Kanken Classic. I’ll tell you about the differences of this recycled backpack later.
Here’s a video from Youtube so you can get to know this ReKanken backpack better.

Kanken recycled unisex

The recycled backpack of the Swedish brand Fjalraven, is a backpack that by its aesthetics serves for the use of men and women, even more in this model of Kanken unisex. The range of colors of the backpack, are less daring than the other models, but equally attractive.
All backpacks from men concerned about the environment and climate change should be recycled Kanken ecological backpacks.

Organic Girl Backpacks

If you are one of those who believe in fashion, but understand that nature and fashion are not at odds. This is your ideal model, the ecological Kanken is the backpack for women of the future. Women committed to the environment, who do not want to give up style, comfort and service.
There are few organic women’s bags that are made from recycled materials.

Ecological Kanken backpack for women

Mini, a recycled school bag

A recycled school bag is the best argument for a child to begin to become aware of the environment, yes, we must explain well that the Rekanken mini is a backpack made from 11 recycled plastic bottles. From an early age, children have to learn to respect the environment and to use ecological articles.
The Kanken mini recycled backpack is an example of the Swedish manufacturer’s concern for the environment.

Where to buy women handbags Re-Kanken Mini?

Buy kanken backpacks online

You can buy your recycled backpack in any establishment or page, but from here I recommend you to buy recycled backpacks in Amazon, you will have the support and guarantee of purchase that Amazon gives.
In addition, nowhere will you find so many offers of ecological backpacks as the ones that exist in Amazon constantly. Don’t hesitate, your new backpack must be purchased at Amazon if you really want to have the best price without sacrificing the quality of this great backpack from Fjallraven Kanken.

Offers ecological backpack Fjallraven

As I told you before, there is nothing like the internet to benefit from great discounts and exclusive online offers. That’s why I encourage you to choose your color and you won’t have to wait any longer for your fashionable recycled backpack.
In Amazon you will find a sample of the best prices for you to buy your Rekanken Classic and Mini backpacks.

Recycled or cheap ecological backpacks, you’ll get expensive

In Internet we recommend to buy, yes, but only in stores that provide you the price of Internet with the security of the store on the corner. For this reason we recommend Amazon, but you will also find them available to buy ecological backpacks in Alliexpress or shops with doubtful warranty. What you can bring is headaches, since in many cases the backpacks are not original Kanken.
The imitations of the backpack Kanken Classic, mini or rekanken are the order of the day. That’s why shopping at Amazon is a peace of mind.

The ecological backpacks of the brand Fjallraven

Dimensions of a Kanken ReKanken

The recycled Classic is the standard size of the Swedish backpack range, an ideal backpack for everyday use with 38 centimetres high by 27 centimetres wide, and 13 centimetres deep, achieving a cargo volume of 16 litres and only 300 grams in weight.
The size of the recycled Mini is small, was designed for use as a child, or as an ecological bag for women. Its 29 centimetres high by its 20 centimetres wide, and its 13 centimetres deep achieve a capacity of 7 litres. And weighs 220 grams so your handbag use is very comfortable.

Measurements of the recycled Kanken backpack

Features of the recycled backpack

The Swedes of Fjallraven, believed that it was necessary a step more, than just to make their range of backpacks more extensive. That’s why they decided to step forward and create the two models of unisex ecological backpacks.

  • Two flat side bags, give great option to carry things that are at hand at all times.
  • Full zip opening. Like all models of the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, its opening greatly facilitates access to the entire interior of the backpack.
  • A zippered pocket, the pocket to put all those small things that we do not want to lose inside the bag.
  • Shoulder straps, discreet, comfortable and very resistant straps.
  • Handgrip, like other Swedish products, can be carried in handbag mode.
  • Recycled fabric, the ecological backpack of the range is made of plastic from 11 recycled bottles. So it is an unusual material, although they achieve an exceptional result.
  • Embroidered emblem, if something characterizes this model is its embroidered logo, if you do not see the classic reflective logo of Fjallraven, you will be seeing a recycled Rekanken backpack.
Characteristics of the ecological Kanken backpack

Kanken Mini Colors

In the two sizes of the recycled backpack Kanken model can be found a very wide range of colors, although not as bold as the range of Kanken Mini backpacks.

Great variety of colours for the recycled Kanken Mini

What’s in a Rekanken ?

I found a video that will help you decide for the rekanken backpack. I hope you like it.

More than a recycled Kanken

The backpack for laptops of all sizes

Laptop backpack mac 13"

It is surprising that at last, we have a laptop suitcase with a fashionable look, always with those laptop cases or black backpacks without any color. Thanks to the Swedish factory Fjallraven, we have style, comfort and an unbeatable place for our laptop. It doesn’t matter the size of the laptop because there are versions of the laptop backpack Kanken Laptop 13″, Laprtopo 15″ and Laptop 17″. If you don’t like black backpacks, this is your backpack.

Largest Kanken backpack

La mochila más grande de Kanken

The Maxi is the widest backpack from the manufacturer Fjällräven Kånken. It has a large capacity, without losing comfort. To achieve this capacity, it incorporates an additional compartment between what would be the classic rucksack and the user’s back, which if necessary, can be filled making the maxi rucksack gain about 50% width and therefore capacity.

Questions and answers about the ReKanken ecological backpack

Is the protective foil coming inside thrown away?
It’s okay to leave it in case one day you want to wear something delicate in that compartment that doesn’t hit your body.

Is the recycled backpack waterproof?
The fabric is not waterproof, but has a special water-repellent wax treatment.

Could I use it as a Macbook backpack 13″?
It is not the right model, as it has no protection. But for dimensions if it would fit in the size similar to the Kanken Classic.

Is it the size you need to go to high school?
As we have 2 sizes I can say yes. You will have to choose which one suits you best according to the amount of things you carry in your ecological backpack.¿Es el tamaño necesario para ir al instituto?
Como disponemos de 2 tamaños te puedo decir que sí. Tendrás que elegir cual te viene mejor según la cantidad de cosas que lleves en tu mochila ecológica.

Is it for everyday use?
Yes it is for daily use

How will we know it’s not a copy or imitation?
Without complicating, if you use the stores that we recommend that research already did it for you. But even to know you have several appreciable differences that I explained on the home page.

How do you wash this recycled Kanken backpack?
The manufacturer recommends that you wash it with a brush and warm water.

Is it possible to use a suitcase to carry food for work?
You could perfectly.¿

Opinions of users of recycled Kanken

I loved the backpack, the shape and color are perfect. The size is just right to fit the laptop (although it is not the specific model for laptops. Mine has plenty and plenty of room for paper and much more.


Good quality materials. Nice design and practice.
Fits more than it might seem.
That’s right, I bought the pads for the straps that sell separately, because without them the straps are not very comfortable.

Ana María

Very nice and size for books and for class. It was for a gift and aki for tastes colors.
This was pink pink total!

Rosa Losada

It’s very good, just as I expected. The color is as you see in the picture, the quality is good.
Recomendable 100%.


It is a product with a somewhat high price, but it looks good. I have solved a gift, and the owner is delighted.


A very comfortable backpack, exclusive design, for all tastes and excellent quality. A perfect gift, a success.


I bought it for a gift and the recipient is delighted with it. The material is different from normal Kanken, but it is very light and resistant.


Photos backpack Fjallraven Kanken ecological

Respect the environment without sacrificing fashion

In this day and age, using recycled backpacks is a statement of intent. The planet is being destroyed and we must recycle, use ecological articles that respect the environment to try to stop the destruction of the planet. But nobody wants to leave aside fashion, style and stand out in society. For this reason, I show you these pictures of recycled Rekanken backpacks, you can see how nature and fashion are not at odds.

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