Kanken Waterproof Backpack No2

Backpack Fjallraven Kanken No2

Kanken Backpack No2: An Exclusive Backpack

The Kanken No2 backpack retains all the features of the Kanken Classic, but goes one step further in terms of exclusivity. Its performance is a little wider, has handles and straps, leather details and is also waterproof.

As in the Classic, we have a Kanken backpack Nº2 of normal size and a mini.

Next I leave you the evaluation of a Kanken Nº2 in a video of Youtube. I hope you like it.

Kanken No2: Even more waterproof

The Kanken No2 backpack is made of an ultra-strong material that is waterproof and water-repellent. Kanken Backpacks No2 goes one step further in its materials, it does not use vinalon, it is made of a material called G1000, patented by Fjallraven that makes this backpack completely water repellent.

With this backpack, we will be able to enjoy an excursion in the nature or to walk by the city without fear that the water ruins us what we take inside her.

Kanken Waterproof Backpack No2

Kanken No2: quality and resistance

If anything stands out in this backpack, it’s the quality of its materials. At first glance you can already see their quality, their handles and straps are made of leather and very resistant. The fabrics used are very good, as well as waterproof. The special canvas of which it is made makes its cleaning very comfortable.

Where to buy Kanken No2 backpacks?

Fjallraven Kanken Online Shop

Like the Kanken Classic or Kanken Mini, this backpack is very fashionable, although it is difficult to find in any store. We can dispose of it in shops, although we will pay much more than its usual price.

Otherwise, if you want to save, I do not recommend that you buy it in Alliexpress, this purchase although cheap at first, could come out expensive in the long run, because in two days it will be broken or damaged.

I recommend you buy it online, pay a fair price and have it at home in a few days.

Kanken Backpack No2 Offers

The best thing is to buy Kanken No2 backpack online, and within the options we have the most suitable for me is Amazon. With Amazon you can get the best price and receive it in your home super fast. You can select the cheapest options in Amazon for this backpack.

Why not buy a Kanken No2 at Alliexpress?

If you’re looking for a Kanken No2 backpack with all the features, durability and style, you shouldn’t buy a Nº2 Fake.

Kanken Nº2 is characterized by being a waterproof backpack and high resistance, so if you buy at Alliexpress you will have a terrible result. A Fake backpack does not have the quality of a Kanken No2. In a few months it will spoil and if it rains one day you will wet everything you have inside it.

In addition, your straps and handles will wear out or break in no time.

If you want to enjoy a good backpack, I do not recommend you to buy an imitation backpack at all.

Waterproof man backpack

A high quality model

Size of a Kanken No2

The Kanken No2 has the same size as a Classic. It has a height of 38 centimetres, a width of 27 centimetres and a depth of 13 centimetres. Its load volume is 16 liters and what does vary a little is its weight, as this backpack weighs a little more 550 grams, even so, it is still a super lightweight backpack.

Measures of the Fjallraven Kanken No2

Features of Kanken Backpack No2

Kanken Nº2 maintains the quality of classic Fjallraven backpacks and is even more waterproof. It is a backpack made with every detail, its style is more formal, with leather finishes. It comes with these features:

  • A wide opening zipper: it opens almost completely, this makes access to the interior much easier.
  • Two side pockets without zippers: perfect for carrying an umbrella, water bottle or a small notebook.
  • A zippered front pocket: here you can carry the smallest things without losing them and don’t want them to go loose inside.
  • Inside pocket without zipper: This large capacity pocket will allow us to carry our laptop isolated from the rest of things that we carry in the bag as keys or objects that can scratch it.
  • Shoulder straps: they are attached cross to the backpack, are thin and simple but give a lot of resistance to the Classic backpack.
  • Handgrip: this is one of the differences with the Kanken Classic. In the Nº2 the handle of hand is of leather, this confers him a finish with more style and more resistant.
  • Material G1000: this material is patented by Fjallraven and gives this rucksack total waterproofing. It is an incredible material that will keep your things safe from water. With G-1000 you’ll be ready for adventure in all climates, from the tropics to the polar ice caps. It can withstand many years of difficult use. The fact that the G-1000 is adaptable makes it one of the best outdoor fabrics on the market.
  • Leather logo: this gives it a more formal and elegant finish. A detail that only major brands such as Fjallraven Kanken are able to include.
Kanken No2 Features

Kanken Colors Nº2

Kanken backpacks have a wide variety of colors and the Nº2 was not going to be less. You can choose the color that you like, surely there will be. The Swedish brand thinks about our tastes more than any other brand, making available almost the entire color palette.

Various colors available for Kanken No2

Next I leave you the review of a Kanken Nº2 in a video of Youtube. In it you will be able to see in a graphical way all the characteristics that I have just named you. I hope you like it.

A backpack with more style

Kanken Nº2 for women

If you’re looking for a Fjallraven backpack with all the style, this is your backpack. Its leather finishes and color palette make Kanken No.2 a very fashionable backpack. You can wear it with any combination of garments. They are very stylish and match everything.

Kanken Nº2  Mini

Woman's waterproof backpack

Sometimes we don’t want a big backpack, but a backpack that can do the job of a small bag. For this, the brand Fjallraven created the Kanken No2 Mini. It maintains all the characteristics in resistance and impermeability of the big one but in reduced size. It is ideal for occasions when you go a little more tidy and do not want to take your computer or things that take up so much space.

If this is what you’re looking for, don’t go without knowing her.

Laptop backpack

Mochila impermeable para portátil 15"

The Kanken Nº2, like the Classic, has a perfect space to carry your laptop without having to give up looking great. However, the laptop that fits in this backpack without problem would be 13″ and has no special protection to carry it. If we want to fit a 15″ or 17″ laptop we would have to buy the Kanken Laptop backpack. This modeloo Laptop would also come with special protection so that nothing happens to our laptop.

Questions and answers about the Fjallraven Nº2 range

Does the cushion inside you take off?
It can be removed, as it will not lose its shape, but it is fine to leave it in case at any time you want to put a tablet or something delicate.null

Is this backpack waterproof?
Yes, it is waterproof, it is made of a special water-repellent material called G1000 patented by Fjallraven. People claim that after falling into a puddle the contents did not get wet.nullnull

What’s in the backpack?
There is room for a lot of things, but to give you an idea, the size is that of a folio-sized notebook.null

Would it fit a laptop?
It’s not the right model because it doesn’t have protection. For a laptop the right thing is to buy the Laptop model that has an exclusive compartment for laptop.null

Is it the right size for high school?
Kanken Backpack Nº2 is the ideal size to go to school, but if you have to carry a lot of weight better Kanken Backpack Big.null

Can it be used on a day-to-day basis?
It’s a backpack designed for everyday use, only trends and fashion have elevated it to the level of a stylish backpack. But it is very resistant and comfortable. It also includes leather finishes, which makes it especially stylish.null

Could I fit all the school supplies?
In principle everything should go in, the backpack is big and designed for Swedish children to go to school, so you won’t have a problem.null

How can we tell the difference between an original and a copy?
Because all copies are made to lower costs with the original, and this is achieved by lowering the quality of confection and materials. So you will find low quality zippers that will come out. Badly made seams that fall apart and many other differences. Also the leather finishes are sure not leather in an imitation backpack. I recommend you see our article about the difference between Classic original and fake.null

Can Kanken No. 2 be washed in a washing machine?
No, this backpack doesn’t get very dirty, it also depends on the colour. But the manufacturer recommends that you wash it with a brush and warm water.

Opinion of people who have the Kanken Nº2

Overall, I love the look of this backpack, which helps me to overlook some of its little discomforts: the zippers are under the fabric, not exposed, which can make it difficult to locate the zippers when you’re in a hurry. In general, I wish it was bigger, especially the water bottle pockets on the sides, but what can you do? I’m pregnant and I just bought it with the intention of using it as a diaper bag because most diaper bags are ugly, but so far I’ve only used it for snacks, water and personal care items because I hate bags. I haven’t had any dismantling or manufacturing problems like other users. The black color is super cute but it gets dusty and thick on the bottom if you pose it a lot outside.


I love the design of this backpack.


Just the way I expected it. The color just like the photo and size and pockets enough to take everything you need from day to day.

Ana Rosa

The color is cool. The fabric is great. Although it looks small on the outside, it’s huge on the inside. Highly recommended if you want a backpack for life.


Photos of Kanken waterproof backpacks

Natural images of Kanken No2 backpacks

There is nothing like seeing pictures of how they use the Kanken waterproof backpack, this way you can get ideas of all those ways you can use the Kanken No2 and you get the idea of how you are going to look good this unisex waterproof backpack. The photos are all the size Classic but remember that it exists in mini and laptop backpack.

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