Women’s backpacks Fjallraven Kanken Mini

The kanken mini backpack is preferred by women

The backpack of today’s woman

The Swedish factory in Fjallraven, after releasing its model Kanken Classic on the market, and seeing the enormous results obtained, realized that women demanded a backpack of smaller size, which they could use as a bag. That’s where the Fjallraven Kanken Mini backpack was born, a backpack of only 7l, which would become the fashionable woman’s handbag. It became fashionable not only for its style but also for its comfort and capacity.
Next I leave you the evaluation of a Kanken Mini in a video of Youtube. I hope you like it.

Kanken Mini is in fashion

The Kanken Mini backpack is the preferred bag for women, its wide range of colors makes this the first choice as a large women’s bag. In addition to its comfort, as it can be carried by its handles or as a mini backpack.

Every day more famous and influcers carry the Kanken Mini handbag. It is rare not to see a fashion magazine page where you can see the Fjallraven Mini backpacks.

The perfect girl’s backpacks

This model of backpack is not only designed for today’s woman, but also for young girls who are just starting out in the social world. The Kanken Mini is the ideal girl’s backpack, its design and its range of colors is designed to meet all the needs of today’s stylish girls.

The most modern and modern woman's handbag

Mini, a backpack to dress

The Mini model of the Fjallraven Kanken range is not a backpack to use. It is a woman’s handbag in every rule, you will not find style of clothing that does not fit with these bags. Its range of colors ranging from yellow or pink to ochre, will match perfectly with your style. Never a woman had a handbag with similar characteristics.

In addition, the Kanken Mini backpack has an exceptional quality of materials, which gives it an extra value for its durability.

Where to buy Kanken Mini women handbags?

Buy kanken backpacks online

It is clear that if you want to find the best deals, without giving up the guarantee of having an original product and a store that responds. I could only recommend one place, and that’s Amazon. After a lot of reading about women’s backpacks and bags, you realize that online stores of bags and backpacks are not very reliable. But Amazon gives you the backing you need to make sure you get an original Kanken Mini bag.

Backpack offers Fjallraven Mini

Buying women’s backpacks online has one advantage and that is that they are cheaper than in any physical store. The cheap girl backpack is easy to find on the internet, but if you want the fashionable bag you must buy Fjallraven Kanken Mini on Amazon, so you can be sure that it is authentic.

Kanken backpack Mini cheap, will come out expensive

In many online stores we sell bags and backpacks manufacturer Fjallraven for half price, backpacks of this quality can not cost half. Alliexpress is one of the biggest websites for discounted and discounted bags. But don’t be fooled, the Mini handbag is an item that you will use every day and which in turn is a brand of style. You will want it to always be like the first day and only by buying a Kanken Mini bag will you achieve this goal. So run away from imitations and fake. Buy original Kanken Mini woman backpacks.

Where to buy Fjallraven Mini?

The Fjallraven women’s backpack

Measurements of a Kanken Mini

The size of the Mini is really small to be a backpack but is intended as a women’s accessory. Its 29 centimetres high by its 20 centimetres wide, and its 13 centimetres deep make this backpack or women’s bag can hold 7 litres of capacity. And with only 220 grams becomes a very good option to use as a shoulder bag or handbag.

Sizes Kanken Classic

Mini Handbag Features

The boys in Fjallraven, when they decided to make a backpack that could be used as a purse, did not want a new woman’s backpack. They wanted a woman’s backpack replica of the Kanken Classic, so this one has exactly all the properties of its older sister.

  • Two flat side bags, which serve to carry the things you use more. A bottle of water, an umbrella or the Kleenex.
  • Full zip opening. This is one of the great virtues of this woman’s handbag. Never again will you have to search inside your bag or backpack, the Kanken Mini opens letting you see all its contents.
  • A zippered pocket on the front incorporates an ideal pocket for small things or quick access.
  • Shoulder straps, super discreet straps that won’t stand out from your styling and allow you to use the Kanken Mini backpack to one shoulder or both.
  • Handgrip, in this model is what makes real sense this complement. Because thanks to him the Mini backpack becomes the great Mini bag.
  • Woven of Vinalon, this fabric infers an extra durability to this magnificent backpack. Kanken backpacks also have a wax treatment that repels water, giving us extra peace of mind for rainy days.
  • Reflective emblem, as is normal throughout the Kanken range. It incorporates the reflective logo that gives us a point of security at night.
External kanken laptop backpack 17" backpack

Kanken Mini Colors

When it comes to colors, Kanken backpacks get the palm. I have never seen an article with a wider range of colours than Fjallraven. You can think of the colour you would like for a woman’s backpack and in the Mini backpack you will find it. Even daring girls were allowed to make color combinations.

Inside canken laptop backpack 15" backpack

Fits in a Mini Bag

As I’m sure you doubt how many things fit into the 7 liters backpack, and telling you would be very tedious, I’ll leave you a youtube video so you can get used to the idea. I hope you like it.

How to adjust the straps of a Kanken Mini

As it is much easier to see it than to read it to understand it, I’ll leave you a youtube video so you can get used to the idea. I hope you like it.

Handbag Fjalraven Kanken mini special woman

More than a Kanken Mini

A woman’s computer backpack

Laptop Backpack Kanken Laptop 13"

If what you are looking for, apart from a simple woman’s backpack, is where to carry your Mac laptop or your iPad or Android tablet. This model is not the most convenient, since it does not have an extra protection. For this function, my recommendation is to keep an eye on the Kanken Laptop backpack. It will be available in three sizes depending on the size of your laptop.

If this is what you’re looking for, don’t go without knowing her.

A backpack that respects the environment

Fjallraven Kanken's recycled backpack

Are you a woman involved with the environment and who really cares what happens in the world? Don’t worry, because the Swedish brand has thought of you. You must change model and buy the Kanken Mini recycled backpack or Rekanken Mini. This backpack is made with recycled plastic containers, without losing any of the characteristics of their other companions in the range.

Questions & Answers About Kanken Mini Women’s Handbags

Does the sponge that comes inside come off?
It can be removed, as it will not lose its shape, but it is advisable to keep it in case you ever want to put a tablet or something delicate.

Is the bag waterproof?
The fabric is not really waterproof, but it does have a special wax treatment that repels water.

Could you use it as a portable backpack?
It is not the right model, as it has no protection. For a laptop the right thing is to buy the Laptop model that has an exclusive compartment for laptop.

Are the measures for going to school adequate?
In these times and with the absence of books could come to serve, but you would always more service a kanken Classic backpack.

Is it for everyday use?
It is a very resistant backpack that was thought for daily use, only that trends have positioned it among the best modern women’s handbags.

How can we tell the difference between an original and a copy?
Because all copies are made to lower costs with the original, and this is achieved by lowering the quality of confection and materials. So you will find low quality zippers that will come out. Badly made seams that fall apart and many other differences. I recommend you see our article about the difference between original Classic and fake.

Can the Kanken Mini be cleaned in the washing machine?
No, but the manufacturer recommends that you wash it with a brush and warm water.

Does a tablet fit inside?
A 10″ iPad with a sleeve fits just right, all smaller models can be carried without a problem.

Can it be used to bring lunch to work?
You might as well, in fact it has a small bag on the front and a side bag for a bottle.

Kanken Mini Buyers’ Opinions

The backpack is very well, I had time behind it until I decided and I am enchanted. It is true that it is expensive, but it is worth giving yourself some whim once in a while.


Perfect for what I wanted her for. Bigger than a shoulder bag and smaller than a normal backpack. The color bluer than in the photo, but corresponds to graphite gray.


Very nice, resistant and comfortable. My daughter loved it. Perfect to use as a backpack for a 6 year old and to replace a bag in case of an adult. Bought at Amazon for an unbeatable price-quality ratio.


It is a small but very versatile backpack, the use for everything and the full front opening is very comfortable to use.


I love it, it’s very spacious. I can fit all my baby’s things including changer and mute. Of course the price is high but as a gift is not bad.


That’s great. That’s great. Superior quality. It’s small, but very wide. There’s more coming in than there seems to be. Totally recommendable. Wide range of colours.


That’s great. That’s great. It’s the second one I have and I love them.
Very practical and resilient. Waterproof and very hard. I use a backpack every day, and I haven’t found anything like it.


Photos Kanken Mini woman handbags

All the style of a handbag in a woman’s hands

This women’s backpack is so versatile that you can use it with any type of clothing and it will give you that point of style that differentiates you.
As it is difficult to explain it to you, I leave you a gallery of photos so you can see how easy and good the Fjallraen Kanken Mini backpack looks.