Kanken Laptop Backpack

Kanken Laptop backpack has a different style

Kanken Laptop backpack for 13", 15" and 17" laptops

The Laptop backpack came to market to meet a need of laptop users who needed a comfortable backpack in which to carry their laptop. At the Fjallraven Kanken factory designed the Kanken Laptop backpacks, this model was launched in 3 sizes: a 13-inch model, a 15-inch backpack and a 17-inch laptop case.

I’ll leave you the review of a Kanken Laptop in a Youtube video. I hope you like it.

The laptop backpacks you need

Surely you will be fed up with the typical laptop suitcase in which nothing fits, which hardly fit the cables of your computer, is a common scene that already has a solution.
The Kanken Laptop backpack is the most appropriate backpack for laptops, and the best thing is that it doesn’t matter the size of your laptop, because the boys of the Swedish brand Fjallraven Kanken have thought of everything, designing 3 models of computer backpack.

Kanken backpack for 15" laptops

A safe and discreet computer backpack

The Kanken Laptop computer bag incorporates a padded compartment between the back and what is normal Kanken backpack, in this padded pocket we can introduce the computer with complete peace of mind. In addition, Kanken Laptop backpacks have a wax that covers the backpack, making it a waterproof backpack, good water repellent better said.
In addition, being a backpack with a style more similar to a design backpack than a computer suitcase, will go more unnoticed by friends of the other.

Where to buy Kanken Laptop backpacks ?

Fjallraven Kanken Online Shop

You’re looking for laptop backpacks, but they’re poorly described. You don’t know if it will be the one you need or not for your laptop. Don’t worry, this happened to all of us when we want to buy a bag for our computer. But with the arrival of the Fjallraven Kanken Laptop that uncertainty is over because we have the 3 best-selling laptop sizes.
Before the most typical thing was to approach the shop with our laptop and check among all those horrible computer suitcases, to see if any fit your laptop, but you had to try them all.
One thing we all know for sure is that to buy laptop backpacks there is nothing like Amazon, for that reason I recommend it to you, and in fact I looked for the best options inside Amazon for you.

Kanken Laptop 13, for ultra-slim computers

Among all the options to buy backpacks for laptop online, I recommend Amazon, which gives us security, speed and warranty. I searched Amazon for the best suppliers, the ones with the most references and the best comments and opinions. Don’t worry, I selected the bags with the best price in Kanken Laptop backpacks.

The Kanken Laptop 13 is a computer case designed for sizes between 12 inches and 13 inches. It is the ideal backpack for the IPad Pro 12″, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13″. If you have a Mac, this is the ideal carrying bag. This is similar to the Kanken Mini women’s backpack.

Kanken Laptop 15, for best-selling computers

We all know that the size of laptops par excellence 15 inches, so it was essential that they manufactured the Kanken Laptop 15 at the Swedish backpack factory. It’s ideal for PCs and MacBook Pro 15″. This is the best online computer bag. This one is of approximate dimensions to the Kanken Classic.

Kanken Laptop 17, large portable backpack

When you have a 17-inch computer it is essential to have a laptop backpack and not a computer suitcase, as having so much size and weight makes it uncomfortable. The Kanken Laptop backpack will allow you to carry your 17-inch laptop anywhere without realizing you are carrying it. This model is similar to the Kanken Big backpack.

Why not buy a laptop backpack from Alliexpress

It is very simple and quick to explain, the price of a computer bag in Alliexpress will be, quietly half, but also its quality. And I’m sure you won’t want to pick up your €2,000 Mac from the floor because your Mac backpack has been unsewn from a handle. Or the computer is useless because you dropped four drops and your backpack did not repel water efficiently.
If when you bought your computer you decided to buy the best laptop on the market, which gave you a kidney, do not risk a kidney for just 30 € buy the best backpack for laptops, buy a Kanken Laptop.

Where to buy Kanken portable backpack?

The best Fjallraven Notebook backpack on the market

Size of a Kanken Laptop

Kanken Laptop 13”

This model is the smallest of the three, has a width of 23 centimeters, a height of 35 centimeters. It would serve as a backpack for 13″ laptops as a maximum size of 3x35x25 cm.

Kanken Laptop 15”

This model is the intermediate, has a width of 28 centimeters by 40 centimeters high, this allows it to accommodate 15″ laptops no larger than a size of 3x37x26 cm.

Kanken Laptop 17”

I couldn’t miss a backpack for 17″ laptops. This model has a size of 30 centimeters wide by 42 centimeters high. In this backpack we can put computers up to 3x42x27 cm, which is a size more than considerable.

Sizes Kanken Classic

Features computer backpack Fjalraven Laptop

Backpack manufacturers such as Fjallraven make sure their backpacks are of the highest quality to keep your computer protected on the road. And that’s why the Laptop backpack comes with:

  • Laptop compartment, a padded and secure compartment for your laptop. With a zipper top that gives access to it.
  • Two side pockets without zippers, are strategically placed to transport bottles or utensils that we may need, and we do not want to open the backpack to reach them.
  • Almost integral opening of the front area, a zipper that almost completely exposes the inside of the suitcase.
  • Small pocket with zipper, in the frontal part incorporates a pocket where the charger of the laptop or other small objects can be kept.
  • Padded shoulder straps, the straps are attached to the backpack making a cross which ensures your safety. In order to loosen one strap, both would have to be loosened. So you can be reassured by your laptop that will travel safely.
  • Hand handle, it is not always comfortable to carry the backpack from the laptop to the shoulder or shoulder strap, for that reason the boys from the Swedish factory incorporated handles to the backpack to give more versatility.
  • Vinalon material is the essence of this Swedish backpack. It gives durability and firmness. They treat it with a water-repellent wax so the kanken Laptop backpack is one of the best backpacks for laptops online.
  • Sewn reflective badge, Kanken backpacks show their brand even at night, when it reflects your logo. Located in the high back, it is a safety measure for those who carry it.

Available colors for Kanken Laptop

I would like to be able to give you a list of colors but it would never end, so I invite you to access the button «where to buy» or the top where offers to see the immense variety of colors that exist and their prices. I will only tell you that if you imagine it, there is.

Below is a Youtube video about the Kanken Laptop. It’s in English, but don’t despair. I hope you like it.

More than a Kanken Laptop

A high quality recycled backpack

La mochila reciclada de Kanken

Fjällräven Kånken is a Swedish company that cares about the environment, which is why it launched its recycled ReKanken backpack. It is a backpack made from only recycled plastic bottles. If you like the environment and want to contribute to not destroy it.

This is your perfect Kanken backpack.

Largest Kanken backpack

Mochila Kanken Maxi, la más grande de la marca

It is called Big or Maxi and is the largest backpack in the Fjällräven Kånken range. It has a great capacity and endurance, even more than its medium-sized sister the Kanken Classic. This Kanken Big is the perfect choice to spend a day in the bush with everything you need.

Questions and Answers About Kanken Laptop Laptop Backpacks

Is the kanken Laptop waterproof?
Yes, it is waterproof. This means that it repels water and does not let its interior get wet. But you have to distinguish between waterproof and submersible.

Does a 17″ laptop fit? Measurements seem fair
If it fits perfectly, it is tested with several models and almost all laptops on the market can use the Laptop backpack.null

Does the backpack have reinforced straps?
Yes, it has reinforced straps and a cross joint for greater resistance to breakage.null

Are computer backpacks very dirty?
Kanken backpacks are not very dirty, but they are also easy to wash and the color won’t wash off.null

Can a MacBook 13″ fit in a Laptop 13 backpack?
Yes, it has a specific compartment to carry your computer, either MacBook or PC.null

Does having space for a laptop take up space for a backpack?
No, the backpack has practically the same space as the other Kanken models. So you can take your laptop and a thousand other things, all in one laptop backpack.null

Opinion of people who have the Laptop

Very comfortable and has a large capacity. Perfect for my 13″ macbook, I would say that some loose threads came, but cutting them was enough, and that the small pocket was quite wrinkled, but it seems that little by little it is taking shape.


Excellent backpack, ideal for daily use for its medium size, its laptop department or tablet and more comfortable than other models of the Nordic brand, thanks to its padded straps.


It’s perfect, exactly the same as the description and very comfortable. It has padded strips and a compartment for laptops and tablets.


Perfect for daily and weekend use. Fair size and good design if you are someone who values style


It may seem small and uncomfortable, but it’s the opposite. There’s everything you need for the institute: 4 textbooks, a file cabinet, 2 cases, a water bottle, a sleeve for your glasses and a lunch box for food, as well as a mobile phone and a portable charger. The compartment for the computer is well protected.
Ergonomic, it fits very well to the back and the padded straps make it comfortable.
Very recommendable. I hope it lasts. 


Photos backpacks laptop Kanken Laptop

Your computer gains security, you gain style

The computer backpack Fjallraven Kanken Laptop, not only will give your computer maximum security. But it will give you a plus of style with its design.
I leave you a few photos of this backpack, so that you can appreciate that not only you have to think about carrying a laptop, but that you can carry it with style.