Kanken Kids Backpack

Kanken Kids the ergonomic children's backpack to go to school

Children’s school backpack specially designed with ergonomics and comfort

The Kanken Kids was designed following the Classic, the first backpack from the factory Fjallraven Kanken. This range of backpacks, was born in search of a backpack for children to go to school.

The children’s Kanken is a small backpack, specially designed for the youngest of the house. With this backpack, they will be in the latest fashion at school. Such a cool backpack does not go unnoticed by others, who will want to have one quickly. Thanks to the multitude of plain colors and combinations of colors your Kanken Kids will remain exclusive even if everyone has it.

If the child is already in advanced levels at school, it may be better to switch to a teen backpack, such as the Fjallraven Kanken Classic, which has a more youthful size and appearance, and are much better suited for use in the later years of school and in high school.

The Kanken range of Swedish backpacks were designed to withstand the day-to-day life of children at school. That’s why the strong, reinforced school bags from the Fjallraven factory are still the fashionable suitcases for school, college, high school and even university.

I leave you a small video so that you can have a clearer idea of what is a Fjallraven Kanken Kids. I hope you like it.

The best school bags for children

With Kanken Kids you will solve many of your concerns about what should be the backpack that your son or daughter takes to school every day. It is a backpack that, although it looks small, has great capacity and surprises how wide it is. They also stand out for its suitcase type opening, which gives it extra comfort to access its contents.

To the naked eye, it looks like a basic school bag but nothing could be further from the truth, its finishes are of great quality and it is also a very nice backpack on the outside..

And we finished with the constant work of the Swedish factory in creating a good school bag for the back of the children, who go every day loaded with school material.

Kids, the ergonomic school bag for children

Where to buy children’s backpacks Kanken Kids?

Buy kanken backpacks online

Finding a school bag of Kanken Kids quality is not easy, only centers like El Corte Ingles have this type of bags. But if you don’t want to move from the sofa, or pay the cost of the department stores, I suggest you buy your school bag through Amazon, where they constantly draw offers. Their guarantee of delivery and return is total. And we can rest assured that we bought an original Kanken Kids.

Backpacks offers for school Fjallraven Kids

The fabric backpacks for children of the Swedish brand Fjallraven, has many options to buy school backpacks Kanken Kids. I would like to help you find the best price on school backpacks for your little one, for this reason I will leave you a selection of the best options to buy Amazon backpacks for children.

Alliexpress, buy the cheapest backpack on the market

Whenever we see branded and quality items, we think that maybe we at Alliexpress have a cheaper version. We even think that it is the same but that we bought it from the manufacturer, but let’s not fool ourselves, a Kanken Original backpack has nothing to do with a Kanken imitation Alliexpress. In other models of backpack I do not recommend to buy backpacks in Alliexpress at all, but in particular in this model for small children, I further discourage it.

Every day the items purchased in China are giving negative reports of high health risk at the National Institute of Consumption, is that what you want for your children?

The kanken kids is specially designed for children

The Fjallraven model for the youngest members of the family

Measures of a Kanken Kids ( the Kanken for children )

The size of the Kids is the same as the Kanken Mini, in fact, it is the same backpack. It was created for children, as a child’s solution to the Kanken Classic backpack but soon teenagers and women took over this backpack making it a benchmark handbag in the market.
The measures of this Kanken Kids is 29 centimeters high, 20 centimeters wide and 13 centimeters deep. These measures give us 7 liters of capacity and only 220 grams of weight, which makes this backpack a lightweight model, and facilitates how to store the Kanken Kids backpack.

Sizes Kanken Classic

Characteristics of the Kanken school bag

It was very simple for the manufacturer Fjallraven to create a school bag for young children. They simply had to replicate the Kanken Classic and give it all its properties.

  • Two bags on the side, which give direct access without zippers to carry lunch or a bottle of water.
  • Zip opening suitcase type, so you can find everything easily.
  • A zippered pocket, located at the bottom front that could serve as a case.
  • Shoulder straps, very simple but comfortable.
  • Hand handle. It is a good option to facilitate the movement of the backpack when they do not have it on their back.
  • Union tape for straps, this tape joins the shoulder straps us so that we do not resvalé of the shoulders the backpack.
  • Fabric of Vinalon, this fabric gives a lot of extra durability to this school bag. They also have a wax treatment that repels water and makes it easier and simpler to clean the Kanken school bag.
  • Reflective emblem. It will give visibility to the child when it is close to traffic areas.
External kanken laptop backpack 17" backpack

Available colors Kanken Kids

There is no school bag with a wider range of colours than Kanken backpacks, which is why it is called the exclusive fashion backpack. It is exclusive because it has so many colours that it will be difficult for a classmate to have a Kids of the same colour in the same class. This is a great advantage to find the children’s backpack best suited to the tastes of children.

Inside canken laptop backpack 15" backpack

Everything that goes into a Kanken Kids

A Kanken Kids has only 7 liters of capacity, but far from being a small backpack is a large capacity school backpack. In this video you can see everything that goes in and get an idea of what you could put in. It’s in English, but don’t despair. Mark subtitles and then on the configuration wheel, automatic translation. You’ll get a dropdown with the languages, select yours and you’re done. I hope it will help you.

How to adjust the straps of a child’s backpack

Something very important for the comfort and physical health of our children is: that all the things they use are perfectly adapted to them. For that reason, I leave you this video so that you learn to adapt the straps of the backpack of this suitcase Kanken Kids.

Colors of Kanken Kids Backpacks

More than a Kanken Kids

Children’s backpacks that preserve the environment

The recycled backpack for children made by Fjallraven

There is nothing like teaching respect for nature from a very young age and why not start by having your school bag recycled. It is a lesson and possibly a source of pride for the child who carries his or her fashionable children’s backpack and also knows that it was made from a few plastic bottles.

The school bag for fashionable teenagers

The Kanken Classic is the best seller.

Once they grow up and the boys and girls become teenagers, the Kanken Kids backpack will be too small for them. But they will still want their fashionable Kanken backpack. This is the time to move to the Kanken Classic that retains the youthful air but with more capacity and larger than that of children.

At this point, girls will choose their favorite color from the wide range of colors. Boys will tend to use plain colors and those that don’t show the dirty backpack.

Kanken Kids Backpack Questions and Answers

Can A4 size books fit?
It’s a backpack designed for young children, A4 books fit just right. But even being a small suitcase has great capacity.null

Is she fit for high school?
Not unless you use it as a purse. This backpack is for young children from 3 to 10 years old approximately. From there, I advise the Kanken Classic.null

Is the Kanken Mini and the Kanken Kids the same backpack?
Yes, they are the same model but they wanted to give you a different approach, the mini has more color combinations.null

Can it be machine washed?
No, the manufacturer Fjallraven recommends washing it with a damp cloth and a brush.null

Is the child’s backpack waterproof?
The backpack has a wax treatment, which repels water. So it can stand rain on it.null

Opinion of mothers and fathers who bought Kanken Kids from their children

At first it seemed small but the truth is that it deceives. There’s plenty of room, it’s comfortable, resistant and beautiful. Maybe it’s money for a backpack, but it looks like it can last for years.


This is the third Fjallraven backpack we buy at home.
This model is ideal for small children, because of its size and the front strap, which prevents them from slipping off the shoulders.
The material is robust and resistant.


A lot more capacity than it looks. Very comfortable to open and close. Weighs nothing.


Very comfortable, and with much more capacity than it may seem at first glance. The only downside is that it is less matte than it looks in the picture.


Pictures of Kanken Kids children’s backpacks

Natural images of Kanken Classic school bags

The best way to get an idea of something on the Internet is to see it in images, no matter how much they tell you if you don’t see it, you won’t get a real idea of what is being said. That’s why I bring you a few images so that you can see how they are and how these children’s backpacks of the brand Fjallraven Kanken.

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