Kanken Classic Backpack

Best selling Kanken backpack, Kanken Classic

The first model of the Fjallraven brand

The Classic backpack was the first design of the Swedish factory. With its creation, in 1978 was born a large range of backpacks and bags of high quality. The Kanken Classic is a robust backpack, resistant and with the true essence of the Swedish brand. For many it is the reference model in the Kanken range and is also the best-selling of the Fjallraven factory.

Next I leave you the evaluation of a Kanken Classic in a Youtube video. I hope you like it.

A Vintage backpack

The Classic backpack is a vintage backpack, as it has not been modified since its first prototype. But it is one of the best vintage backpacks on the market, thanks to its quality and resistance. Its finishes and the materials it uses, makes you go back in time to the day when the Fjallraven Classic backpack was born.
Of all the vintage backpack models, this is the one that is in fashion and attracts the most attention in the street.

Kanken classic for the most vintage

Kanken Classic, resistance and quality

If anything stands out in this backpack, it’s the quality of its materials. The zippers and seams are very resistant, you can simply see their high quality. The fabrics used are very special, something different from what we are used to. The classic, like the other models of the Swedish brand of backpacks, is made of special canvas that facilitates the cleaning of the backpack.

Where to buy Kanken Classic backpacks?

Buy kanken backpacks online

This is a very sought-after backpack for all kinds of people, much appreciated by hipsters. It is the fashionable backpack, but it is not found in many places, the easiest would be to go to fashion shops like the Corte Inglés, but in most cases you will be paying much more than the original Kanken Classic backpack is really worth. Nor can we go to the extreme of buying the Kanken Classic backpack at Aliexpress. My recommendation is to buy Kanken backpacks online.

Backpack offers Fjallraven Classic

Among the options to buy Classic backpacks online, is Amazon, which has multiple suppliers of these items. To really get the best price on Kanken Classic backpacks, Amazon have the full range of Kanken backpacks and what matters most, you can buy the original kanken backpacks at the best price on the market.

Why not buy a Kanken backpack at Alliexpress?

If you’re looking for a durable, stylish backpack. You can’t buy a Classic Fake. These backpacks are of terrible quality, they are not resistant and will give you bad results. Buying a cheap Classic backpack at Alliexpress simply for fashion, will not make you see how really useful and comfortable these backpacks are. In addition, you will have a backpack that hopefully will last you 6 months because you can’t spend all your time thinking it’s bad quality. You’ll want to fill it like you could fill an original Classic and it will end up breaking.

Where to buy kanken classic and kanken maxi?

The first model of the Fjallraven brand

Measurements of a Kanken Classic

The size of the Classic is the most standard of the range of Swedish backpacks, the first article of the Swedish brand of backpacks is 38 centimeters high by 27 centimeters wide, and 13 centimeters deep, which gives a volume of 16 liters and only 300 grams of weight.

Sizes Kanken Classic

Features Classic backpack

  • A brand of quality backpacks not only thinks about making a transport backpack, it is fixed in every detail and that’s why the Classic backpack comes with:
  • A wide opening zipper: practically opens completely for easy access to the entire interior
  • Two side pockets without zipper, ideal for carrying bottles or a simple umbrella.
  • A front zippered pocket, ideal for storing the smallest things and not get lost inside it.
  • Shoulder straps, simple and thin straps that are joined crosswise to the backpack to give much more resistance to the Classic backpack.
  • Handgrip: like the rest of backpacks you can also carry it in the form of a suitcase, which will help you in crowded places or with limited space.
  • Vinalon material, this material gives the Kanken Classic backpack a great resistance and most importantly, makes it water repellent.
  • Reflective logo, we will be visible even at night, or when we ride a bicycle. A detail that only major brands such as Fjallraven Kanken are able to include.
External kanken laptop backpack 17" backpack

Kanken Classic Colors

There is no backpack on the market with as wide a range of colours as kanken backpacks. You can choose the color of Classic backpack you want, imagine the color of your classic backpack and be able to buy backpacks of that color is the best of the great Swedish brand.

Inside canken laptop backpack 15" backpack

Next I leave you the review of a Kanken Classic in a video of Youtube. I hope you like it.

Kaken Classic backpack for today's girl

More than a Kanken Classic

Backpacks for women

The Kanken Mini handbag is the favorite of modern women

Many times, a woman does not want a backpack to use as such, but looks for a large bag, comfortable and stylish. Women’s backpack bags are in fashion and the Fjallraven factory knows fashions, that’s why they thought a woman’s backpack was necessary. A backpack that could do both functions and created the wonderful woman’s backpack Kanken Mini. A replica of the Classic but at a much smaller size.

If this is what you’re looking for, don’t go without knowing her.

Laptop backpack

Kanken Laptop the fashionable laptop backpack

If you’re looking to carry your laptop in comfort, without sacrificing the great style of a Kanken backpack, I’m sorry to say that the Classic model is not the right one. But don’t despair, because as always, the Swedes of Fjallraven also thought about it and created the Kanken Laptop model. In addition, not only were they satisfied with creating a laptop backpack model, but they designed three models, laptop 13″, laptop 15″ and laptop 17″. So they cover almost all sizes of notebooks marketed.

Questions and answers about the Backpack Classic

Does the cushion inside you take off?
It can be removed, as it will not lose its shape, but it is fine to leave it in case at any time you want to put a tablet or something delicate.null

Is this backpack waterproof?
The fabric is not really waterproof, but it does have a special wax treatment that makes it water-repellent. There are people who claim that after falling into a puddle the contents did not get wet.

What’s in the backpack?
There is room for a lot of things, but to get an idea, the size is that of a folio-sized notebook.null

Would it fit a laptop?
It’s not the right model because it doesn’t have protection. For a laptop the right thing is to buy the Laptop model that has an exclusive compartment for laptop.null

Is it the right size for high school?
The Classic backpack has the ideal size to go to school, but if you have to carry a lot of weight better Kanken Big backpack.null

Can it be used on a day-to-day basis?
It’s a backpack designed for everyday use, only trends and fashion have elevated it to the level of a stylish backpack. But it is very resistant and comfortable.null

Could I fit all the school supplies?
In principle everything should go in, the backpack is big and designed for Swedish children to go to school, so you won’t have a problem.null

How can we tell the difference between an original and a copy?
Because all copies are made to lower costs with the original, and this is achieved by lowering the quality of confection and materials. So you will find low quality zippers that will come out. Badly made seams that fall apart and many other differences. I recommend you see our article about the difference between original Classic and fake.null

Can the Kanken Classic be washed in a washing machine?
No, this backpack does not get very dirty, it also depends on the colour. But the manufacturer recommends that you wash it with a brush and warm water.null

Opinion of people who have the Classic

The backpack meets my expectations, and the color is as it appeared in the image. It’s an expensive backpack, but it’s the second one I have, and the first one is lasting me more than 4 years, and it’s still like new.

Cristina de Juan

Perfect, I love it has a lot of capacity, and the square shape allows a lot more things to fit. I’m so happy that now at Christmas I’ll buy the 13″ laptop and the mini for different uses. Undoubtedly the best backpacks on the market.


Just the way I expected it. The color just like the photo and size and pockets enough to carry everything you need from day to day.

Ana Rosa

The color is cool. The fabric is great. Although it looks small on the outside, it’s huge on the inside. Highly recommended if you want a backpack for life.


Very safisfecha with the purchase. The color is the same as in the photo you see when you buy. Great size, just as I expected.


Photos of people with Classic backpacks

Natural images of Kanken Classic backpacks

It’s always nice to see the catalogues and photos of the backpacks, but you always ask yourself, and… how do they look, will they fit in with my style, will they be too big or bulky? Well, I’ll simplify it for you by showing you pictures of people using their backpacks in their everyday life, and how a Classic looks like on people’s backs.

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