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Kanken backpack for modern girl

Kanken backpacks are preferred by influencers

These are the most fashionable backpacks on the market. Buying a Kanken backpack is synonymous with style. But also of a person who likes quality, comfort and utility.
The Swedish Kanken backpacks provide a plus that makes the difference with its range of colors and designs that do not go unnoticed.
If you are here, it is because you only need one Fjallraven Kanken backpack to go to the last one.

Kanken backpack models available

Fjallraven kanken all models available

There are 8 models of the manufacturer Fjallraven Kanken which can be found in online shops in United Kindong. Each model is for a different type of person, so I will try to help you choose the best Kanken backpack for you. From the Kanken Classic backpack to the ecological Rekanken backpacks which is the model with recycled materials. But if a conventional backpack does not give you security, you should know that you can buy anti-theft backpacks online, which will give you extra security.

Kanken classic backpacks

Kanken Classic

It is the model with the longest time in the market, a very durable model and has taken the name of the brand Fjallraven Kanken from Swedish backpacks to the top of the sector. This backpack will last forever thanks to its high quality materials, and the best thing is that its design does not go out of fashion. Its retro style passionates the older ones and makes young people fall in love with it.
Kanken Kids backpack

Kanken Mini

The mini is 9 centimeters smaller than the other models of Kanken backpacks. It is especially designed for those who want one of these fabulous Swedish backpacks, but don't need as much space and if something more compact. Also for children to whom the Kanken Kids is too small and have enough height to use it.
Kanken mini backpack

Kanken Kids

Fashion does not let anyone escape and the youngest of the house need more than ever to go to fashion, they begin their stage in society and the style that brings a Kanken school bag for children is a plus of advantage. In addition to the comfort and durability provided by the Swedish manufacturer's backpacks. They are ergonomic to take care of the child.
Kanken laptop backpacks

Kanken Laptop

The Kanken Laptop Backpack came to market to meet the need of all people who are tired of a boring backpack to carry their 13", 15" or 17" Notebook. The Swedish brand tries to give this laptop backpack a youthful and stylish look to laptop users.
Kanken Backpack No2

Kanken No2

If activity is your thing, look no further than this model of Kaken is ideal for you. To the usual resistance of Swedish backpacks we add that it is waterproof, so you will no longer have to worry about leaving home on the worst days of the year. Whether it's snowing or raining non-stop, nothing will get wet.
ReKanken Recycled Backpack

Recycled Kanken

There's no better way to be happy than to buy a backpack that's stylish and environmentally responsible. The Rekanken backpack is made from plastic bottles, 11 bottles to be exact. One more excuse to buy your Kanken backpack as soon as possible. Available in Classic and Mini versions.
Women's handbag Fjallraven

Handbag Fjallraven

The bags of the Swedish manufacturer more than a bag we could say that it is a hybrid between backpack and shoulder bag, but retains all the style and strength of the Swedish manufacturer's backpack models. The Fjallraven shoulder bag is the perfect solution for lovers of these.

Here is a comparison of Kanken backpacks on video. I hope you like it.

Why buy a backpack Fjallraven Kanken?

Fjallraven and his backpack Kanken

If you are here, few arguments you need. You are in love with these backpacks and you know it, you also know that with it you will be able to complete your own style.

Kanken the best backpack

You also know that the manufacturer Fjallraven has the best backpacks on the market for their strength and durability. With Kanken backpacks from Fjallraven you can be sure that you can forget about manufacturing defects or that something comes off or comes off. One thing you really appreciate is how easy it is to wash Kanken backpacks.

Quality Swedish backpacks

Kanken backpacks have a special treatment to improve their waterproofing and give you the peace of mind that all your things will be dry when you arrive at your destination.

Backpacks for laptop Kanken

The notebook compartment of some models from the Swedish manufacturer makes it easy to carry a notebook around all day.

Buy the ideal backpack

You can’t forget that you are sure to find the backpack you like among all the models and colours of the Kanken range of backpacks. It is impossible not to find yours.

And the last argument I will give you, although I am sure you no longer need them is that you are willing to have a Kanken in your life.

Clearly, fashionable backpacks are called Fjallraven kanken backpacks.

If you’re still not sure, I’ll let her tell you about her experience with the fabulous Swedish backpacks from the manufacturer Fjallraven.

What size Kanken backpack to choose?

Backpack sizes Fjallraven

The guys at Fjallraven have thought of all the possibilities when it comes to making the range of kanken backpacks and so there is a model for every situation.

This is the time to stop for 2 seconds and think well what needs you have. Noooo!, you need a Kanken we know. I meant the size of your new Kanken backpack.

Kanken size comparison

Kanken Classic vs Mini

Size matters a lot. If you’re a minimalist the size of your Kanken should be the Kanken Mini clearly, but if you’re always loaded to the flag the sizes of larger Kanken backpacks will be more useful.

Kanken Backpack Comparison

Well, maybe if I leave you the models and their sizes I’ll help you a little more, so here I leave them for you to decide.

Famous bloggers who use the Kanken backpack

The color of your Kanken is everything

Fashionable backpacks

You thought with deciding to buy a Kanken backpack and decide the size you had it all done, well not. The color range of Kanken backpacks is very wide.

The design of your backpack will say you have style, you’re fashionable. But the color of the backpack says who you are. The bright colors are associated with active and extroverted people, however the dark to people rather shy or who do not want to highlight much.

Kanken Color Comparison

I would like to help you at this point but, as in the previous one, the decision is very personal. Your tastes, character and the situation in which you use it will determine the color. What I am going to do is leave you a sample of colors so that you can get to know them and decide.

All colors of Kanken backpacks

Fjallraven Kanken England

Before I tell you about Kanken’s arrival at United Kingdom, I’ll tell you a little about the history of this range of Swedish backpacks.

Fjallraven’s story

Kanken backpacks in your logo, carry a fox. This is due to the brand name, the meaning of Fjallraven is mountain fox.

The Fjallraven brand acquired this name in 1950 in an unpronounceable Swedish village, Örnsköldsvik, when its founder Ake Nordin was going to spend a day in the mountains and realized that he needed to make a backpack more comfortable than backpacks that could be bought in Sweden. And that’s where Fjallraven was born.

Kanken backpacks on the mountain

The history of Kanken backpacks

The Kanken range, now so famous, was created in 1978 to solve a serious problem with the back of Swedish children who went to school loaded with books. They soon became one of the star products of the manufacturer Fjallraven.

Fjallraven in England

The first people to buy Kanken backpacks in London gave their style note and later were able to buy Kanken backpacks in Manchester. Where the expansion began so that all England could buy Kanken Fjallraven backpacks.

You haven’t decided yet, in this video a girl explains to you the reasons to buy Kanken.

Cheap Kanken Backpacks Alliexpress?

Buy Kanken Alliexpress

Really, do you think aliexpress will give you an imitation Kanken backpack of equal quality with the same finish and strength?

I’m sorry to tell you that buying cheap kanken backpacks is not highly recommended. If you are here it is not because you want an aliexpress backpack with design and color. When you came in you were thinking about that backpack pass that you saw your partner or a girl on the bus. That backpack that is resistant, ergonomic and above all, durable.

Differences between an imitation Kanken backpack and an original one

Kanken imitation vs Kanken Original

Forget about looking for Kanken aliexpress, because it will never give you what an original Kanken gives you. Cheap imitation Kanken backpacks get their prices by reducing material costs and this has a direct impact on quality and durability. The differences between the original Kanken and the fake Kanken are many.

Do not buy backpack Fjallraven at Alliexpres

In short, a Fjallraven backpack will last the life of 100 aliexpress backpacks. Why in the end the cheapest Kanken backpack is the Original Kanken.

Next I leave you a comparison of an original Kanken and an imitation Kanken in video. I hope you like it.

Kanken Backpacks on Amazon

Where to buy Kanken backpacks

If I have to recommend you a platform to buy Kanken backpacks that will undoubtedly be Amazon. I’ve been shopping online for years and never had a problem with them and their warranty system.

Free delivery of your Swedish backpack

In addition, if you have the Prime service with which you have free shipments in countless products you have no excuse to buy your Kanken backpack on the Internet, if you do not have the Prime service I leave you a promo for a month free, so you subscribe to the trial month and the carrying of your backpack Fjallraben you get free. In addition to many other advantages such as the Prime Video service, the service of shipping in a day in millions of products and access the day before all special offers. Don’t think about it and prove that you won’t leave it.

Photos of Kanken backpacks

The backpack of modern men

As always, you think what colour Fjallraven can be yours, if these Swedish backpacks will suit the men and if they will be real comforts. As the saying goes, «A picture is worth a thousand words», I’ll leave you a few so you can decide to buy your Kanken backpack.

Fashion has a new name, Fjallraven Kanken

Swedish backpacks are equivalent to fashion, style and elegance. Many of the world’s leading celebrities and bloggers carry a Kanken on their backs or like a handbag. You can’t be less, starting with your Fjallraven backpack is a good starting point. To make you realize that the Swedish backpack itself is style, I leave you photos of a few women and girls who dress very different. But with one thing in common, the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks.

Children also dress in fashion, a Swedish backpack

The backpacks Fjallraven, were born specially thought to solve the back problems of the Swedish children. For this reason, you should not deprive your children of this fantastic children’s backpack. The first thing should be to buy backpacks for the children and then for us. Sometimes, we don’t see that a backpack is suitable for children. That’s why I leave you with images that will take these thoughts away from you.